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Disktrix Ultimate Defrag 4.0 Serial Keygen mediafire

Disktrix Ultimate Defrag 4
DiskTrix UltimateDefrag is the world's most powerful defragger in terms of the file placement flexibility it gives you for defragging and strategically placing files on your hard drive - right down to the individual file level. With The Defragger And File Placement Optimizer That Lets You Defrag & Optimize Your Hard Drive - Any Way You Want To!

UltimateDefrag is the Ultimate Defragger and File Placement Optimizer. .

Disktrix Ultimate Defrag 4.0 Serial Number adalah software yang bisa di gunakan untuk Defragment Harddisk. 


  • NEW! For non-power PC users - Simple Mode, turns off all advanced features but gives you the most intelligent "one-click" (or scheduled) defrag and optimization routine that leaves your hard drive, and your Windows Operating System, performing at its absolute fastest speed possible. Power users simply need to select Expert Mode to be able to access and use all of the advanced features and functionality of UltimateDefrag.
  • NEW! Now accelerate specific programs you want to simply by selecting them by name from a list. UltimateDefrag4 detects all installed applications on your PC. Now, to accelerate a specific application or game, simply select it from a list and UltimateDefrag will place it on your hard drive for High Performance! Get the edge in your gamin
  • File Drag & Drop - Lets you drag a file or complete directory of files, onto any position you want it to be on your hard drive.
  • True File Use Tracking tracks the behavior of your files, frequency of use, frequency of fragmentation, degree of fragmentation and places them optimally.
  • FragProtect™ is an algorithm that places files in a manner that minimizes rate of refragmentation to the slowest possible rate according to the laws of entropy as they relate to your files on your hard drive.
  • Even faster defrag engine makes an intelligent decision on how to defrag each fragmented file it encounters so that it defrags the file in the fastest time possible. A 2 Gb file can be defragged in a few seconds when certain conditions are met.
  • One click Auto Defrag lets you tune the exact performance you want and shows you your drive performance increase.
  • and more


  • Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, XP (all versions and flavors), Server 2003 and higher
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Disktrix Ultimate Defrag 4

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